Stem Cell Microneedling

Stem cell hair microneedling is less invasive than a regular hair transplant, and has less downtime. A hair growth serum mixed stem cells are microneedled into the scalp to slow down hair loss, and stimulate new hair follicles to grow.

What does it do?

Hair loss can be quite a traumatic experience for most people. Often, people don’t simply want to sit back and allow their hair to fall out. Intervention is often possible and is a route that’s frequently taken. Stem cell hair treatments are simple: stem cells are implanted into the hair follicle so new hair can grow from them.

Stem cell microneedling is an effective option when it comes to the hair regrowth process. This treatment restores hair growth by stimulating blood circulation throughout the scalp, inducing hair stem cell growth factors to promote hair growth, and increasing the proliferation of collagen. 

Benefits of stem cell microneedling

Stem cells can help make weak hair follicles stronger, healthier, and can help reactivate older follicles

Microneedling treatments increase blood flow to your scalp

The microscopic wounds created in this treatment stimulates your body's healing response, causing your body to repair the area

Microneedling improves absorption of serums and topical medications

Stem Cell Microneedling Prices:

Stem Cell Microneedling Free Consult | Free

Single Treatment | $699

Package of 6 | $3,600

Frequently Asked Questions:

The treatment process requires 3 visits over 2-3 months. Afterwards, follow-up treatments may be needed every 6 months or so.

Hair loss occurs when the scalp stops receiving chemical signals that tell it to grow new hair from existing follicles. When that happens, the follicles shrink and eventually close up, preventing new hair from growing out of them.

While such hair loss treatments are still in their early stages of research, the initial results are promising.

Your scalp may be more sensitive to the sun after treatment. Wearing sunscreen every day is recommended. A hat can also help protect your scalp when outdoors

You may rinse the scalp a couple hours after the treatment and return to your daily hair care routine 48 hours post treatment.