P/V Spot Treatment

Discover your skin’s true beauty with SharpLight’s treatment for vascular and pigmented lesions. This therapy targets and applies light to the affected areas, which coagulates the blood vessel and breaks the pigmented lesion into tiny particles. These particles disappear or rise to the surface of the skin as scabs, which are naturally exfoliated within 1-2 weeks. This treatment is a fast, non-invasive procedure suitable for small or large facial areas as well as some body areas.


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Usually, pigmented lesions or spots that have been treated will not return after your laser treatments. However, there are various factors that can stimulate new hyperpigmentation e.g. exposure to UV, aging, or hormonal factors. Laser pigmentation removal treatments do not prevent new hyperpigmentation from occurring.

 Each pulse of light feels like the snapping of a small rubber band, while the cooling effect of the laser minimizes this brief discomfort.

Treatment with the V-Beam may consist of multiple treatments. For facial veins, one treatment may be sufficient for clearance, but a second treatment is recommended for best results. These treatments occur on an average of every 4-12 weeks.

The duration of your laser treatment depends on the size of the area you wish to have treated, and the time allowed by the provider performing your treatment.

All pulsed-light treatments are non-invasive and safe, with minimal side effects. 

The typical regimen is an average of 4 treatment sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart.