Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment administers pure oxygen into a pressurized chamber. The air in this chamber is 2-3x higher than normal air pressure. 

This treatment is known for increasing blood flow throughout the entire body, which promotes accelerated healing, helping with:

  • Serious infections
  • Air bubbles in blood vessels

Doctors may suggest Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy if you suffer from one of the following conditions:

  • Traumatic brain injury or abscess
  • Sudden deafness or sudden vision loss
  • Decompression sickness
  • Crushing injury

Advanced healing power

What is it doing?

Inflammation is reduced in deep tissue structures

Body tissues and blood become saturated with oxygen, carrying more blood to the organs

Increased production of stem or origination cells (promoting tissue regeneration where possible)

New capillaries are developed

Blood vessels dilate and circulation improves

Appears to support and stimulate the immune system

Restores oxygen to oxygen deficient tissues

Known to decrease edema, and swelling

Assist with the repair of damaged tissue

Clinically reported to reduce pain and inflammation

Aids in detoxification and reduces oxidation stress

Known to fight infection with oxygen-sensitive invading organisms

How does it work?

You will get into a large chamber, much like an MRI bed, and lay there for 1 hour, as that's how long the treatment takes. 10 minutes to inflate and get to the correct pressure, 40 minutes keeping you at that pressure, and 10 minutes to deflate. There will be a pillow and blanket inside to keep you comfortable.

Why Choose this treatment?

We have extensive experience in what we do, and our customer service is exceptional. This advanced service is only offered here at Body Sculpting Regina, and nowhere else in Saskatchewan. This is a treatment that works from the inside out. If you want to learn more about this treatment, please feel free to contact us!

Ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) or reoxygenation injury, is the tissue damage caused when blood returns to tissue after a period of ischemia (lack of oxygen). The Hyperbaric oxygen therapy interrupts the leukocyte adhesion on the vascular walls, diminishing inflammatory effects while inducing free radical scavengers to block tissue damage.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help to reduce the spread of certain toxins and it will
increase the concentration of oxygen in your tissues. This can reduce the risk of infections and will help your body to defend itself from multiple diseases.

Wounds that cause damage to your blood vessels can release a fluid that causes swelling. The swelling can cause a deprivation of oxygen to the damaged cells, and may cause some tissue to die. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments help reduce the swelling by supplying the damaged tissues with oxygen.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Prices:


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy free consult | Free

Single Treatment | $125

Package of 10 | $1,125

Package of 25 | $2,500

Package of 50 | $3,750

Athletic Package | $3,299

25 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment | 10 IV Treatments | 10 Cold Laser Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are many insurance companies that will cover this treatment. If you are not sure if your insurance provider will cover it, feel free to reach out to either us, or to your insurance company directly.

Make sure you keep hydrated throughout the day, and avoid alcohol or carbonated drinks prior to treatment. It's best to avoid smoking and any other tobacco products during your treatment period, as they interfere with the body's ability to transport oxygen and can counteract the benefits of hyperbaric therapy.

Generally, this depends on the condition, and how often the treatments are getting done. Anyone who needs oxygen treatment should consider committing to at least a couple of sessions per week as a bare minimum. Many patients see great results with one treatment per day.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are painless, and comfortable. You lay on a soft mattress within the chamber with a pillow, and a blanket. The experience itself is comparable to driving up or down a mountain road, or changing altitudes in an airplane.

Feeling tired after your treatment is normal. Mild discomfort in your ears or sinuses, or the feeling of fluid buildup in your ear is also normal. These effects will diminish within 24-48 hours.