AC Dual

We proudly offer the AC Dual acne treatment using the SharpLight Omnimax S3. This treatment uses a light-based system to treat the cause of acne, and the visible symptoms of acne. Light frequencies are emitted into the bacteria, and inflammation that causes acne resulting in smoother, brighter looking skin.


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You may feel a light snap, much like an elastic band, however it should not be painful as there is a cooling system built into the machine to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.


  • Sun exposure for 2 weeks after
  • Harsh active ingredients for 5 days
  • Saunas
  • Hot showers
  • Infrared light
  • Picking and scratching

Your skin may look pink, slightly swollen, and pigment may appear darker. This will last up to 5 days post treatment.

AC Dual acne treatments are usually done twice a week, with a minimum of 3-4 days apart.