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Our Beauty IV provides all the nutrients needed to heal well – supporting collagen production, skin elasticity, and reducing oxidative damage from sun and daily toxin exposure. To further support weight loss, ingredients are included that support blood sugar regulation, increase metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, reduce cravings and shuttle fats out of the bloodstream. Then, the ultra-powerful cherry-on-top is the addition of glutathione – both detoxifying and the ultimate anti-aging antioxidant!


Through environmental and diet factors many people are deficient in particular nutrients. These nutrients are essential to maintain optimal body and skin health. Glutathione works to clear the body of the free radicals and toxins that that lead to sunspots and melasma. Vitamin C can brighten and lighten the skin while protecting against colds and flus. Vitamin B12 deficiencies lead to a variety of disorders that are detrimental to the health and well being of many people in Vancouver.


You will receive a customized blend of glutathione & vitamins intravenously. The session should take less than 30 minutes.


You can resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.




We recommend you maintain I.V. Therapy on a regular basis to ensure optimal skin health. This ensures the removal of damaging free radicals and toxins and keeps optimal skin and body health. Clients will have some skin brightening with regular sessions.

For CoolSculpting / Weight loss support we generally recommend an IV treatment every 2 weeks for the first 4 months for maximal benefit and then potential for monthly maintenance.

For general Beauty/Health/Anti-aging benefit, monthly IVs provide great maintenance.

For treating skin lightening, just glutathione is used more intensively – either once or twice a week and totalling approximately 10-12 IV pushes before re-assessment. 



Vitamin C – supports collagen production

B-complex (B1/B2/B3/B5/B6) – improves energy and boosts metabolism

Extra B6 – to help reduce cravings and support hormone detoxification

Methyl B12 – increases energy, can balance skin oiliness 

Biotin – helps produce healthy skin, hair and nails

Calcium/Magnesium – for proper tissue function and relaxation

Zinc/Selenium/Copper/Manganese – for resilient and strong connective tissue

Chromium – important for blood sugar control

Taurine – amino acid that helps remove fats from the bloodstream

Lipotropics – Methionine/Inositol/Choline help the liver process and eliminate fats

Glutathione – the body’s master antioxidant, ultimate anti-aging, detoxifying, skin brightening/lightening

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

Gain vitality and energy                              

Ease symptoms caused by nutrition deficiency

Relive allergy symptoms                 

Moisten and feed cells and skin

Protect immune system  

Prevent and restrain free radical damage in the body             

Stop and alleviate oxidative stress (OS)along with oxygen species (ROS)         

Enhance athletic performance and recovery

Anti-aging – powerful antioxidant action to reduce the damage of daily living

Enhances tissue health and repair – builds strong collagen – skin, hair and nails

Detoxifying – eliminates hormones and toxins