Meet the Team

Dr. Vanessa Cranford

Medical Director

Our Medical Director, Dr. Cranford was born in Newfoundland and has been a doctor since 2006. Regina has became her home when she moved here in 2017 and works as a General and Trauma Surgeon at our local hospital. Dr. Cranford strongly advocates for self care and self love, which sparked her interest to work in medical aesthetics. When she is not doing surgeries at the hospital or working at the clinic, you can often find her doing hot yoga or any other fitness activities. Dr. Cranford also loves racking her brain with a jigsaw puzzle and spending time with her 4 four fur babies.

Lana Edomwonyi

General Manager, Skin Care Specialist, & Medical Aesthetician

Lana has always been passionate about working with people and making them feel good about themselves. Lana has a degree in hospitality from KZ and a diploma in Advanced Medical Aesthetics from Bryan College, Toronto. Her true passions are skin care, skin health, and beauty. No matter what your skin concerns or goals are, she is always committed to guiding you through every step in order to achieve your perfect skin. Whether it is acne, pigmentation, aging or any other skin concerns, she is truly the woman to see! With Lana’s commitment to lifting up others, she has also expanded her knowledge beyond the skin, to body. Here, she takes her expert eye for detail, and can really help you accomplish exactly what you are looking for.

When she isn’t making us all feel gorgeous, Lana loves to relax with some hot yoga and an audio book, or treat herself to some delicious European cuisine. Most of all though, her favourite time is spent with her husband, and 3 beautiful children.

Via Pascua

Assistant Manager & Medical Aesthetician

Via is our wonderful office manager and keeps us all running at top speed. She ensures that all the day-to-day operations run smoothly and takes care of all our social media marketing. Via has an amazing skill for making everything she does look beautiful; her bullet journal is what organizational dreams are made of. Via was trained by the best instructors in the province right here at our own School of Medical Aesthetics and steps in as a technician whenever she is needed.

Something you might not suspect from our Via, is that she is a real pool shark and very well practiced in Taekwondo. When she isn’t out kicking butt, she loves reading, sewing, and treating herself to some pub food or sushi.

Lorie Palmer

Medical Aesthetic Nurse

Lorie has been a registered nurse for 20 years working in varying areas such as the Regina General Hospital, the Cardiac Care Unit, and is currently working part time at the Surgical Centre as a recovery nurse. She took her Botox and Filler course at the School of Medical Aesthetics and continues to expand her knowledge and skills here at BodySculpting Regina. Lorie will make you feel right at home with her welcoming and friendly personality. She grew up on a farm north west of Davidson before moving to Regina for university and has two daughters that keep her busy. On her free time, Lori loves running with her golden lab retriever, camping, socializing with friends and family, and travelling.

Kerbie Smith

Medical Aesthetic Nurse

Kerbie has 16 years of experience as an LPN in acute care and her attention to detail is a valuable asset to injecting. Her passion for helping people feel and look youthful and beautiful about themselves is clearly shown through her approach in medical aesthetics. Her knowledge and expertise will assure that you are informed and ready for all your treatments. On her free time, Kerbie likes to travel with her family and spending time with her two boys.

Felicity Porter

Medical Aesthetician

Felicity grew up right here in Regina and has been trained in some of your favourite services, and continues to grow her education, and knowledge in medical aesthetics. She always hoped to build a career in something she was passionate about, and she has finally found her passion! Her favourite treatment to get done on herself is dermaplanning. Be sure to say hi when you see her at the clinic, you will not be disappointed by her smile and humour. As soon as Felicity heads out at the end of the day, she can be found playing with her cute golden retriever, or going out with her friends.

Alexina Galera

Medical Aesthetician

Alexina has always been interested in aesthetics from perfecting her own skin care routine to become a medical aesthetician. She completed her training with the School of Medical Aesthetics and hopes to harness her skills at BodySculpting Regina. Her goal is to help clients achieve their best selves and be with them through each and everyone’s journey. Alexina also enjoys drawing and painting in her free time and trying out the different cuisines that Regina has to offer. She hopes to travel more in the future and be able to spend more time with her adorable dog, Arlo.

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