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Our treatment provides the complete package of aesthetic solutions to address the most in-demand aesthetic treatments.

A non-invasive procedure used for hair removal.

A hand-held device sends energy below the surface of the skin, which heats the cells and stimulates the body’s natural collagen production. Effective for hyper pigmentation, fine lines, uneven skin tone, scarring and even melasma.

Hair Removal

Quick & Effective
More effective than other devices with proven results

Can be used on all skin types and all hair colours

Virtually Pain-Free
Superior cooling effect to increase patient comfort

No Downtime
Return to daily activities right after treatment

Laser/IPL Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many sessions does it take for laser hair removal to work?

Most people need between four and six laser therapy sessions. You also need to space these out by six weeks each — this means that the full treatment cycle can take up to nine months. After each session, you’ll likely notice fewer hairs.

2. Is it bad to do laser hair removal every week?

At BodySculptingRegina, it is typically recommended that laser hair removal sessions be spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The reason being is to give the chance for the hair not in growth phase at the time of the last hair removal session to get into the growth phase so it can be adequately treated by the next laser hair removal session.

3. Does laser hair removal work after 1 session?

Each laser hair removal session is effective, however, multiple sessions (possibly 4-6) are required for adequate hair removal in any given area depending on several factors.

4. Should I shave before laser hair removal?

Short answer: yes! We want the laser energy focused on the hair bulb to prevent the hair from growing back again rather than wasting the energy on the unshaved hair shaft.

5. Is 3 sessions enough for laser hair removal?

Typically, not. Usually more laser/IPL hair removal sessions (sometimes 6-10) are required for adequate hair removal

6. What happens if you wait too long between laser hair removal?

Depending on how many laser/IPL hair removal sessions you have already gotten, your hair will likely grow back if you wait too long in between sessions.

7. Can I shave in between laser treatments?

Yes! That is totally fine and safe!

8. What happens if you don’t shave before laser hair removal?

Your laser/IPL hair removal session will not be effective if performed on unshaven hair.

9. What are the negatives of laser hair removal?

Inflammation, injury, skin color changes, as well as eye damage are all possible side effects of laser hair removal. With proper precautions, however, these are all preventable

10. Does hair grow back after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is permanent when the hair follicle is destroyed. When the hair follicle is only damaged, the hair will eventually regrow. Hair that is in a resting phase will grow back more slowly than hair that is in another phase. Most people can expect some hair regrowth within a few months